Q&A with Tigmonk-The Truth Of Reality


The student asks… “What is the truth of reality?”

Almost as if ignoring the question, the teacher goes back to enjoying his tea. 3 minutes pass, the student comes to the agitated conclusion that the teacher isn’t interested in that question. Feeling slightly offended…
The student asks… “Was that the wrong question?”
The teacher replies, “No, it was the perfect question. However, your mind didn’t like the answer.”
The student sat, eyes turned inward for about… 3 mins. With a peace that resembles a wonderment for life…
The student says, “oh”
My friend, do you see this? If you want to know the truth of reality, then you must be the reality that is really here and now. This is the unexplainable truth, no words can touch the miracle of you. There is not the phrase to describe what it is to BE, without a question of language that pulls you out of being it.

Allow me to gracefully fail at explaining it, fully.
The student is looking to complete a puzzle. Within him is a question that circles the “meaning.” All the while agitated until he fits all the puzzle pieces together, perfectly.

The student is even offended over his puzzle, as if not finishing was a threat to his well being. If others do not help him complete the image of his obsession, then he feels some expression of fear.
The student wants to know the truth of life. He feels that once he ‘knows’ -then- all will be well. This is like trying to convince yourself mentally into security about tomorrow. However, the nature of the mind is to doubt. By default it will search for holes to poke, inflicting itself as its own threat. Searching for a problem to expose the potential for… Fear.

No matter what mental answer the teacher gives, it will only suffice for so long. Nor is the answer even here; in words. The teacher is ‘showing’ the answer. Pointing to it with a naturalness that thoroughly enjoys his tea, and enjoys a space of now without a mind that thinks something is missing.

The point of the puzzle is not to finish it. The point of the puzzle is to enjoy the present moment game of experiencing what you are. To dance with the puzzle; in such a way that it becomes its own adventure.
This is impossible with a mind divined against it self. A self, separate from that which he or she engages.
The point of life, is to enjoy the miracle that you are. The point is not to figure out what’s wrong with you; or to figure out what’s missing. The point is to enjoy the beauty of blooming.

The answer to what is the truth of reality is You.

You being is the truth of reality.