Q&A w/ Tigmonk


Student: “Tigmonk, what is the most sacred thing in this Life?”

Tigmonk: All, is complete nonsense in this Life, except for one thing?

S: “Hmmm, What is?”

T: Yes, exactly. But why do say it like it’s a question?

S: “…oh, but I mean the ‘one’ thing, not all of it.”

If I told you the most sacred thing was the wave of an ocean, by default, would then not the ocean become sacred as well?

How can I love the wave, without also loving the ocean? If I do not have love for them both, then I don’t fully love the wave. The wave can only be, because the ocean is.

S: “I see. Do I understand that what is being said, is that there is nothing more or less deserving of divine love, deserving to be seen as sacred?”

T: In part, yes. Still though, there is not the many as a real thing. Don’t focus on the many or believe there are many things to love, or you will get lost as ‘many’ expands infinitely.

S: “All is one?”

T: There is Only the One.

The One, is sacred.

You are this.