Q&A w/ Tigmonk – What is Enlightenment?

what is enlightenment

S: “Why are you enlightened, but yet I feel like I’m not?”

T: Because you’re confused about what is.

S: “What is Enlightenment?”

T: Not that.

S: Not that? I asked you a question about Enlightenment.

T: What your question is trying to find about enlightenment, is not the answer to what enlightenment is.

S: “What is enlightenment though?

T: You’re looking for a something. I’m pointing to that which comes before all things, ideas, and beliefs. So of course you don’t feel enlightened because you see it as something that you can define or own in the mind. You’re looking for a something that isn’t there.

In you’re looking for it, you don’t see that you already have it.

S: “But I don’t see it, feel it, or understand it.”

T: Then why do you look for it? Why are you here asking about this I point to?

S: “Because it seems like there is something missing, and I want to find it.”

T: Is this “missing something” the cause of your anxiety that makes living problematic?

S: “Yes, yes, very much so”

T: Show it to me.

S: “Show you what?”

T: What it is you’re missing?

S: “I can’t find it!!”

T: Welcome to enlightenment. Now live accordingly.