Q&A w/ Tigmonk-The Most Sacred Thing In This Life

The Most Sacred Thing In This Life

Student: “Tigmonk, what is the most sacred thing in this Life?”

Tigmonk: All, is complete nonsense in this Life, except for one thing?

S: “What is?”
T: Yes, exactly. But why do you say it like it’s a question?

S: “…oh,
But I mean the ‘one’ thing, not all of it.”
T: If I told you the most sacred thing was the wave of an ocean, by default, would then not the ocean become sacred as well?
How can I love the wave, without also loving the ocean? If I do not have love for them both, then I don’t fully love the wave. The wave can only be, because the ocean is.

S: “I see. Do I understand that what is being said, is that there is nothing more or less deserving of divine love, deserving to be seen as sacred?”
T: In part, yes. Still though, there is not the many as a real thing. Don’t focus on the many or believe there are many things to love, or you will get lost as ‘many’ expands infinitely.

S: “All is one?”
T: There is Only the One.
The One, is sacred.
You are this.

S: wow. I love this shit.
T: you love, because there is only love. In your love, you see wholeness, completion, unity.

You fear, because you think there is something other than love. There is not. There is only love.
You are this.
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