Protecting Your View By Proclaiming Another’s view Is Wrong


Protecting your view, by proclaiming another’s view is wrong, is a form of violence.

It is saying another person is not free to interpret Life in a way that feels natural and sincere for them, because it makes you feel insecure about your own self created view.

Of course, our effort to withhold freedom from others in their natural right to interpret Life, is a reflection of the lack of Freedom we extend to ourselves.

It’s like saying… “hey! stop being so free, because I don’t allow myself to be free.” Do you see this? Same as when you decide to make positive changes in your own life, and others criticize you for it.

There is a tremendous Freedom in seeing that You are Free to create or interpret any Life that feels resonant, sincere, passionate, powerful, abundant, etc. However one of the biggest challenges in your embrace of this Freedom, is to let go of all the thoughts and limitations that other people throw at you.

Something that might help in this… is to recognize everyone’s inherent freedom to see Life how they choose, and see clearly that other peoples disapproval of you expanding, evolving, changing, is only a reflection of their own self disapproval; and literally has nothing to do with you.

Love them anyway, and say (to yourself internally)… “Yes, you have the right to see Life that way, and I love that we are both Free to perceive Life in anyway we feel led. For myself, I choose to perceive it this way, because it feels open, sincere, loving for all.”