Positive Emotions


The invitation is to allow negative emotions to be your friend, just as much as you desire positive emotions to be your friend.

Why? Because negative emotions have just as much to teach you, if not more so than positive ones.
Positive emotions are an indication that you are in alignment with a ‘higher’ perspective, which is resonant to the fullness and infinite nature of the Miracle you already are.

Negative emotions, are there also as an indicator that says you are not in alignment with such resonances. To be in alignment, simply means that your momentary perspective is relatively open, loving, and supportive.

To be ‘against’ negative emotions, is to proclaim they are without value. This is where we start to ignore the subtle energies and unconsciously watch them turn into bigger issues than need be. If these emotions became our friend, then we would be open to hear the message and then adjust our perspective or resonance accordingly.

You see, Life is on your side here. It says… “okay, you are here to play in this reality and discover how magical Life is, along with discovering your inherent power as a conscious creator in this Life. So whenever you get off track, or start to perceive yourself as limited in some way, I’m going to make it feel really uncomfortable to encourage you to pay attention. This way, you will know that it’s time to reevaluate how you are seeing life. Deal?”

I invite you to see this in your own experience. Every time you feel emotionally uncomfortable, can you see how it is only in times when you see yourself as less than, incomplete, or to be a victim in some way?
This is why it hurts, because it’s not true. People have come to believe that negative emotions are an indication that they’ve messed up as human being, and then compound the negative feeling with a story that further disconnects them from Joy. This is called guilt.

If you just feel the feeling, without telling a story about it, you’ll notice that it’s not that big of a deal; it’s just… uncomfortable. However as soon as you start telling a story about it, you spiral down an imaginary rabbit hole that only leads to more darkness. Literally going nowhere. It simply isn’t necessary.
See if you can discover this, that you don’t have to attach a story to the feeling, you can just be with the feeling, and say…

“Thank you, I see that you would like to show me something so that I can return to joy. I am available.”