(Playful Inquiry for myself, sharing with you)

If you cannot trust your own naturalness, the reality of what you are in this moment, then you will be unable to trust anything.

For how can you trust another, when you don’t even trust the one who is trusting? How can you clearly see another, when you have doubt about the one who is seeing? How can you fix yourself or another, with a self that you perceive as broken?

Similarly, we are unable to be honest with another, until we have first been honest with ourselves. Our ability to trust, love, or extend sincerity is impossible until we first see it within what we are. Likewise, if we are to experience anything in the world, we must first see it clearly within ourselves as already so. Be it suffering or joy, wherever we see it, we see it only because we see it within ourselves first.

The more one sees the truth of what they are, which could be said is an absolute space of wholeness and freedom, by default it will be seen and experienced in their world.

Practically speaking… You CAN fully trust another, when you see that you don’t need them. Any inability to trust another, is an inability to trust what you really are. To trust another to do this or that in tomorrow so that you can be or remain whole, is to proclaim that what you are in this moment is un-whole. 😝….this is why is see other people as assholes. We put our wholeness in their ass, and expect them to not shit on it. 😜
Practically speaking… If one would like to experience abundance, love, trust, or anything else, it must emphatically been seen first as what you already are.

BY DEFAULT… If you fully love yourself, then without any effort whatsoever, you will love all others. If you fully trust what you are, then there will be no thoughts that question if you can trust another. BY DEFAULT, if you clearly see that you are already infinitely abundant, then without effort you will experience abundance in the external world.

The effort we feel is required to extend outward, is reflective of the effort we feel we must extend inward. Example… Inwardly: I’m worthy… only if I can do this or that. Externally: I’m worthy only if I can force myself to work hard.

The truth of you is… I Am. The illusion and confusion, is anything that places a condition on your I Am.