Dance, Play, And Live Simpy…Life Is Beautiful


Quite simply… there are infinite things to worry about. All of which, pertain to a fear that what you are isn’t enough. Play…Life is beautiful.

My friend, this is the impossible quest; that someday in the future you will arrive at a place of completion. All the while stressing yourself out now, where life is actually real, true, and alive.

This is what you want, this moment. Here is where you are alive, here is where the miracle is happening. Of course we cannot feel it when we imagine a tomorrow where you are fully loved; proclaiming that in this moment, you’re not yet fully lovable. Feel it now, feel the space that holds you and allows you to simply be. Rest here.

Embrace the reality of this very moment where there is nothing missing. Not your imagined moment of a someone who must accomplish to be worthy; but the moment where you’re worth isn’t even in question because -here you are, right now, alive and well.

Life is in full support of You simply being here.

Life Is Beautiful. Live simply. Breathe joyfully. And give thanks for the miracle that already is.