Play And Dance…Life Allows It

Play And Dance...Life Allows It

Play And Dance…Life Allows It

Some imagine this world to be a cage. An environment, that withholds freedom. Held captive in such a way that one’s internal sense of wellness, is held in a pair of hands beyond their reach.
Many, live their entire lives this way; and it’s perfectly okay. Life allows it. Many, convinced that their reality exists outside of what they are. So naturally, blame becomes possible.

If we see something other than what we are, we see an illusion. When we see 2 things, we see an imagined separation. What I mean by this, is that when the tree drops an apple, inside that apple are many more trees. When the apple falls, it is still a tree.

It never became something else, it remained the same but simply took on another form. So within, is all there is. Inside the apple, is that which gave life to it.

Within an apple, is a universe all its own. Within a seed, is infinite possibility.

As you observe your world, you are looking within. Never, are you looking outside your Self. If the apple tree watches the apple fall, he sees himself racing toward the ground. If your child cries, you feel it within yourself.

The cage we experience, is the cage we have created. The withholding of freedom, is self inflicted. The captive, is the captor.

When you allow another person’s actions to disrupt your internal well being, you capture yourself. This isn’t wrong, it is simply available to be seen. Invited are we to notice such things, so that wellness and unity are recognized as our natural state of being. Unless, your preference is to be separate. Again, perfectly okay. Life allows it.

To blame anything, is to blame yourself. In this, blame cancels out and becomes an imagined idea. For what good is it, if the number 3 blames the number 1. If the number 1 did not exists, 3 would be an impossibility.

In this the number 3, slightly bows to the number 1; seeing himself more deeply.
With this understanding -all ideas and stories about a separate self become obsolete. Any effort to resist life, is only to resist what you are. Any and all external conflict, can only be seen if I see it within myself.

Everything I hate, is hate for what I am.

The one we imagine ourselves to be, must defend itself in order to survive. In order for ”your” story to exists, the mind must fabricate stories about others. Distance must always be created and maintained. Blame is the most efficient way for this to happen.

You see, what you are, is not just a person. You are an infinite presence that animates the person. In addition, what you are animates what you see before you. Remember, this too is within.

The person aspect, or the story, of what you are, is the tinniest of detail about your journey here on Earth. There is a present moment reality in which you are connected to everything. This space, is magical. This is where Life is alive. This is where You are blooming.

Just as life allows for you to hide, life has already given permission for you to dance. Just as life allows for you to be separate, life allows for you to trust fully. The only hinderance, is you withhold permission from yourself.

The landscape of reality, is your playground. It is your own creation. Regardless of the judgment conditioned to arise, you still only judge that which you have created. It is all within you.

Life allows it. Life allows you to love, life allows you to hate. Life allows you to be free, and life allows for you to lock yourself away. The desire within your heart to share love, to be love, is your permission slip.

Again, the prison is simply you not allowing the most natural and authentic expression of what you are. To be moved in such a way, that is not required to carry a burden. For permission has been given to lay it down. You only carry your own resistance, your own argument against what you are.

An example would be, you resist your own sadness. How silly to resist that which hurts you not. The only thing it hurts, is your imagined story of being someone who is not sad. However, tell me who is the one who has not found a new freedom through allowing themselves to cry; naturally.

What I am saying is, all is well.

To a level maybe you didn’t even know was possible.
All, is well.
<3 Tiger
aka Tigmonk