Open Up


Dear One, Yes You.
My hand waits to guide,
My heart waits to embrace.
Oh I wish you could hear,
this call, this gentle space.

Tears fall, I know.
Won’t you come home?
Forgotten the truth of you,
the truth of me,
the truth of us.

We walk together but you remain
numb to my touch.
Open up,
Let go of trying it alone.


Admit that you do not know.
No need to pretend,
Simply just be.
I create everything
so relax and see.

I am in the wind,
I move the oceans
and give back the rain.
I rise the sun
and dance with stars.

There is nowhere I am not,
There is nowhere that is too far.
The falling of every leaf
is a gift that allows life to be.

So hold on to nothing
and let go with the autumn breeze.
Let what comes, come.
Let what goes, go.

Remain well without grasping
and rest in this moment.
No need to chase anything,
For I have given you everything.

Stop running and you will see,
quite clearly I am always present,
and you my Love,
have always been free.