The One Relationship Webinar

5 Secrets to Connect with Self, Others & All of Life.
5 Secrets to Connect with Self, Others & All of LIfe

Thursday, November 3rd

11am CEDT (Stockholm)
9am GMT (London)
8pm AEDT (Sydney)
4am EST (New York)


Can't make the live version? No Worries!,
You will still be able to watch the replay for up to 72 hours!


We crave Connection; everyone does.  It's undoubtably the motivation for all we do.  If we investigate our lives, we will see clearly an intrinsic desire to connect in a way that points us back toward an internal feeling of Love, Peace, or Freedom; which can also be stated as being seen, being secure, or being free to be ourselves.   

In this free webinar, I'd like to share with you 5 Secrets of Connection that can be immediately applied to any relationship you are in, and instantly transport you to a profound space of Love, Compassion, and Open Heartedness.  I'm not only speaking about relationships with other people, I'm also pointing to your relationships with money, work, and any life circumstance that might show itself.  

This really can be easy.  The process of connecting is the most natural thing you can do, however years of fearful conditioning has confused us into an ass-backward way of moving toward what we would enjoy experiencing.  The universe has already been set up to allow for a natural and effortless flow toward your Heart's most sincere desire.  

In this Webinar

  • 5 Secrets to Connection 

  • The End of All Conflict

  • The One Relationship Principle

  • How to Allow for Love

  • Seeing Beyond the Fearful

  • The Gift of Being You 

  • Q & A with Tiger

Prizes & Giveaways

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  • 1st Prize:  
    Free Pass to the 10 Day Bali Retreat - Dec 13th

    Valued at $2,500 USD (Lodging, Food & Activities | flight not included)
  • 2nd Prize:
    A Pack of (4) 1on1 Sessions with Tiger 

    Valued at $475 USD (60 Minute Sessions - Can be Gifted to a Friend)
  • 3rd Prize:
    6 Week Training Course - Conscious Life Design

    Valued at $299 USD (Can be gifted to a friend)

Drawing will take place November 4th, via a live stream on Tiger's Personal Facebook Page.  If you're not already, please click the follow button on his page. 

Your Host

Tiger Singleton

Also known as Tigmonk, he is playfully described by others as a modern-day mystic; someone in intimate communication with the source of life. His gift is to clarify the experience of being human, so that Joy can be seen.

Tiger currently resides on the Island of Bali Indonesia and is an internal wellness Guide, Author, Speaker, Poet, and world wide retreat facilitator. His Teaching (Sharing) goes beyond mere intellect, and reaches deep into the Heart; making it quite clear that real liberation from suffering, conflict, and limitation, is a journey that begins and ends with our most Sincere Self.