Observing Tragedy Without Guilt


To feel bad about a situation isn’t wrong; however it doesn’t feel very good.

With thoughts like… “That shouldn’t have happened” or “I should have done something different” we find ourselves feeling small and disempowered. Based on the assumption that life was without value in that moment.

As if the perceived error, or circumstance, is without an opportunity to add sincere value to your life. Within the greatest failure, rests the greatest lesson. What we might see as tragedy, may also be a profound opportunity.

An opportunity for what? Many things, however greatest of all, is sincerity. To see our inherent equality. An opportunity to listen deeply; as life creates a scenario that forces you to let go of false security.

What we focus on, will determine how we feel. The question is… Is it really necessary to focus our attention on loss and pain, when just on the opposite spectrum there exists love, growth, and opportunities to serve?

Does it do any service to the greater good to focus on a negative thought stream about that which you have no control? Clearly we are free to do so, but that doesn’t mean it’s required.

What compassionate and loved filled action comes out of a negative state? Or is it just fear?

What actions comes out of a perception of trust, love, and joy?

We are that which creates its reality. You are divinely free to focus attention on whatever colors you choose.