Tiger in IBIZA

Tiger Singleton in Ibiza

November 14th & 15th

Is it Time?

Is it Time? Only you know that, so don't fool yourself. Is it time to look within and see how it is that you are only in your own way? This is a no-nonsense space, where we will explore all the ways we distance ourselves from what it is we want most. I'm in Ibiza for 2 Days ONLY, and we have room for 20 people per day, to dive deep into the miracle of Authentic Connection.
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I'll return to Ibiza December 4th for a 6 Day Retreat, where you can either stay on site in our massive Villa, or just come for the day. 

Tuesday 14th | 6pm to 9pm
The Nature of Every Connection
€15 in Advance | €20 at the Door

Wednesday 15th | 6pm to 9pm
Connect Deeply.... to what You Want Most
€15 in Advance | €20 at the Door

(there will be breaks within each session)

Location: Yurt @ Casa Shakti, San Carlos

Limited places available. Only 20 spots.

Bring cushion or yoga mat to sit on. 

Detailed location to be sent upon booking.



"Authentic Connection can ONLY happen, if you are authentically connected to yourself. There is no way around this. If you avoid your own connection, you will be forced to try and manipulate connection, which can only result in others not be drawn back to you, or only begrudgingly so."  ~Tiger Singleton


Interview in Sweden



  • 15€ | 6pm- 9pm
    Address will be given upon registration.
    Price: 15,00 € Quantity:
  • 15€ | 6pm- 9pm
    Address will be given upon registration.
    Price: 15,00 € Quantity:
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Tiger brought so much depth, integrity and warmth, in his presence and sharing. He shares a very non bullshit, direct experience message on; love, purpose, knowing the truth of oneself, and what real freedom means. He is ruthless in his way of pointing us back at ourself, to the inner wholeness and beauty - of what simply is. A lot of laughs occurred as well.
Kiki Nadia | Copenhagen Denmark
One of the most amazing thing I've ever done in my life. Wow, wow, wow. How do you describe wholeness and the feeling of all is one just with words? After the retreat my heart was for the first time really open to "all is one". I had understood it before, but now I'm feeling it.
I stumbled upon Tiger by "accident" when he came to visit my home country, Iceland. There was an immediate connection between me and the words being spoken by him. I knew in my heart that there was no way I was not going to hear more in retreat.
I am so grateful for the nine days I spent with 14 wonderful "strangers" along with Tiger and Marta in Portugal. Thank you God for allowing. Thank you Tiger for following your heart and showing others that there is nothing to be afraid of. We already are.
Peace and love,
Fanney Lea | Iceland