No Words…Only Love


Only Love

I was asked this week by “Wake Magazine” the following question.
Question; In your video, “No Words… Only Love,” your gaze is mesmerizing and beyond sincere. What was the inspiration behind and purpose of creating this video of intimate eye contact, without the use of words?

Answer: Firstly I would say the inspiration was life itself. In the way that all I was doing, was being natural. There wasn’t a motivation beyond the present moment. When the initial desire arose to move in that direction, create a video with no words, my internal response was pretty much… “That sounds like fun.”

Secondly, as I sat, what I felt and focused on was a gratitude for all of Life. Again, ALL, of life. It was a “thank you” the size of our universe. You see, the most sincere gratitude is a gratitude for all things; because it includes both sides with nothing left out. No judgment left to surrender. No Words… Only Love

It is not something you do, it is something you recognize to your core as already here. This recognition is very much like recognizing the trees of a forest are not separate at all. The only thing separate about them is our name for them; to call them something other than what we call something else.

However if you walk into the forest, maybe you can see that each tree is plugged into the soil, and from here the ground feeds them all. Is your mouth, separate from your stomach? Or is it One movement?

To be with gratitude for the positive, then you automatically are with the capability to see an equality, and have gratitude for the perceived opposite. Deep down, the positive is the negative. The suffering is the liberation. Without the suffering, liberation cannot be pointed to. Without pain when you burn your hand, your hands would be destroyed by the age of 7.

In this, the pain of your hand doesn’t define what you are. You didn’t “do” anything wrong. What happened was simply a misplaced hand; the ensuing pain is just a reminded to relocate your delicate fingers.

Suffering, in a way -is simply a misplaced perception that forgot to include the other side. A perception that divided itself and blamed it’s other half. Suffering, is simply a reminder to forgive and be thankful for all things.

This is the conflict we hide from, that we hate a part of ourselves. Regardless if we hate someone else, this other, is simply another tree being fed by the same breath you breathe. You are connected as one, more so than you could even imagine. The ‘ONLY’ thing that separates you from them is a mental projection within your mind; a filmstrip over your eyes.

If you judge pain, you suffer. If you listen to pain, you become free and wiser. This is the story I tell you of how suffering heals itself, and even yet it’s simpler than that. The conflict that waits to be healed can be seen as heeled in this very moment, because it is already done. It is only love that heals.

All of that to say, the inspiration was… the Complete Love that we already are.

No Words…Only Love