Already Done; My Poetic Life

a simple opportunity, for seven days...

Reflect on the poetic perfection of where you are.  This [free] email course, is a gift that not only inspires you, but will also challenge you to get honest about any self imposed limitations that you tend to hide behind.  No worries though, because it is not yet another chance to judge yourself, it is a romance between you and you that holds a gentle space for any confusion within, so that a new beginning might bloom once again.  

For 7 days, starting now, you'll receive an email that contains a poem, from the Already Done Poem Collection and a Daily Assignment that will assist with the integration of a new depth of seeing.  The assignments, can sometimes be done in 5 minutes, and other ones invite you to take note of certain 'happenings' through the day; often times, things that go a whole life time without being notices.    

My Poetic Life

A 7 Day Email Course

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Day One; Already Done

Day Three; Unknown but Known

Day Five; Favor is Given

Day Two; Change of Nothing

Day Four; Miracles Are

Day Six; The Playful One

Day Seven; Harmony of One