My Illness


I have what some call an illness,
only said by those who refuse
to understand.
I am giving over the
breath of my soul..
to the heart of life, and
to every human.

To pretend any longer
is to deny that I know it’s time.
The delay of such I’m learning
is not worth the ultimate fine;
…for it is impossible to live life
with a button to press called rewind.

Not leaving, just transforming.
A distance not really there.
I would give to you my everything,
So I am, by being an authentic mirror.

Nothing’s really lost
If you care not about
illusions, opinions & false expectations.
What you are left with, is
the truth of the Heart

Resting softly within a human.
It’s not up to me
The little one who sometimes
is afraid to be seen.

It’s not up to you either
The one who wants to judge
because they wish their own walls
were a little more free and wider.
All is well,

Even when waves get higher.
Life, doing a dance… this
Allows the soul to become brighter.
Life, death, a million melodies
and everything in-between.

What calls to you my love,
What waits patiently to be seen?
Cheers, to the memories.
Farewell, to everything past.

Life bearing a new beginning
Cheers again, may Love be
The One thing that lasts.