My Greatest Joy


I’ve confirmed once again, that my greatest joy is to sit with others in absolute sincerity and equality, while together we uncover the not so hidden truth of our own being.

We officially wrapped up our first annual “Bloom into You” Retreat on the big island of Hawaii, and my heart is overjoyed with the experience of connecting deeply with myself and others.

What stood out so much for myself, was the naturalness in which everything unfolded. The weeks leading up to this event, my internal world started to experience some doubt about my capacity to hold space for such an experience. I mean… people from all over the world were coming with the intention, in part, to hear me speak and engage their hearts with wisdom and insight. And in those moments, I was feeling a bit ungrounded in my own life with lots of unexpected changes taking place.

The beautiful part about this, was that it forced/invited me to give up any idea of control, and let go of any potential sense of superiority, as if this was about me. The pressure of trying to be something I am not was simply too much, and gently reminded me that the gift is not my own, rather it would be a gift we would all discover together.

In this there was a peace through the allowing of my own sincerity… which said I really didn’t know what to do. Coming to terms with this, I was able to simply show up as I am, and let life do what life does best, which is to expose the beauty we all already are. No need for me to try, no need for me to pretend, I could simply rest in the divinity of my own humanness. Mmmmmm… This was the whole point, to know that all is well and allow for the heart to bloom.

See you in next year in Hawaii, December 2016