What Is Love’s Conflict

What is Love’s Conflict?

How does Love turn sour? It becomes confused with fear.

The impossible task of love, is to please others. The nature of Love, is like the nature of truth. The truth doesn’t move to please other people, the truth moves to serve the truth. It’s Self serving, because truth is all that is real.

Self Serving? Yes, but maybe not in the way you think. You see, in the most sincere way, when someone decides to live honestly, they don’t do it for other people, they do it for the sake of their own sanity.

The pain of dishonesty, becomes too much to bear. The pain of not allowing love to flow, becomes love’s conflict, a heavy burden that ultimately collapses our human experience. In this, we recognize that our suffering, our internal pain, is caused by living out of alignment with truth, or through withholding love; same thing.

The Self Serving aspect, is to see that whatever internal pain (burden/argument/suffering) you are experiencing, is completely self created. In this, love and truth flow solely for the experience of the one who is experiencing their world.

The confusion of Love, which is the fear, is that the love you crave exists outside of you and in something or someone else. The love I’m speaking about, is a love for what you are. It’s the love that fully accepts you and knows you’re completely worthy to be as you are.

If one sees this ‘allowing’ Love, to exists outside of the self, then it will seem that one’s worth, value, security, and beauty are in the hands of another. In this confusion, we look to others to provide this love, and when they cannot, Love turns sour. This is love’s conflict.

When love turns sour, the mind becomes extremely destructive. The self in the mind begins to construct stories of blame, guilt, shame, and hatred, and then projects these stories onto the person they deem as the ‘other’ who took their love away.

These stories, aren’t looking for the truth, they are looking to support one’s justification for withholding love. When the self is suffering, it is seeing a distortion of reality, and in this distortion it builds a case based on assumptions, hearsay, and gossip.

This is why it is wise to never believe what you hear about others, when the one your listening to has suffering within. This is the root of what we call gossip, and it can spread like a virus; passed around and caught by those who are also with fear.

The overall massive confusion here, is that other people are responsible of filling the void we create within ourselves. We withhold love from ourselves, and look to others to give us a love that they can never actually give us. It’s like asking another to be honest for you, or to give you the truth within yourself. It’s just not possible. It is love’s conflict.

The love of others, point toward the love within the Self, but your love is not in them. When someone loves you, they show you love is possible, and they invite you to love yourself in this way.

When Love becomes sour, the self blames, manipulates, and hides in a dark hole of utter loneliness. This is the natural unfolding though, and the greatest teacher that points us back to the truth within ourselves; we don’t need other people to show up a certain way in order for us to feel loved, valuable, secure and beautiful.

All we need, is what we already are.