Love Without Condition And Let Life Be The Miracle


Love Without Condition And Let Life Be The Miracle

As parents of teens, the problems or issues we face are not the teenagers themselves. Rather, the opportunity is for us to connect in a more sincere way that Loves them for who they are, and not being afraid of who they won’t become in the future.

It’s so easy to innocently misdirect our personal fear and project it onto our kids, as if it is their fault that we lack trust, faith, and the ability to be at peace with the present moment.

I am always brought back to my own experience, my parents would shit bricks over their ‘concern’ for me. However really, there was a fear that somehow I was just… fucked up and wouldn’t amount to anything worthwhile. What wasn’t seen, was that life was ultimately in control; and if I hadn’t gone through the ‘nonsense’ I went through… i.e. drug addition & homelessness, etc, then these experiences would not have taught me about the deep Love for Life I experience today.

Love without condition and let life be the miracle. Life isn’t about becoming a certain someone, it is about the richness of experience that teaches us about the depth of ourselves. Without the depth, this richness, you could make a billion dollars and it wouldn’t mean shit; who cares, -if you can’t care deeply for others with sincere compassion and Love. Who cares, if you are uber successful in the eyes of the world but can’t sleep peacefully at night.

Life becomes pointless and utterly sufferable, unless you discover your own inherent worth independent of the manifest world and love without condition. The good news is, that LIFE is here to show the way. That “way” comes by allowing people to be who they authentically are, and not projecting our own insecurities on to them, as if they are responsible for our self-created void.

The teenager is not lost, they are just traveling their own path. Love, is the only encouragement they need in order to discover what it is they came to Earth find; which is their True and Miraculous Self.

Let go, Love without Condition, and let Life be the Miracle it already is.
All is Well