Live Life


I honestly don’t know how it happens. I mean… I see beyond the veil of separation, and understand in my heart the connection that allows it to be so; but, the HOW, I don’t know.

From one country to the next, sharing what I love, I wonder how does this happen. How, when I don’t know how it will continue. How, when I don’t feel like I did something to deserve it -as if I was separate from it. How, when all I did, was show up in the most sincere way I could.

What I see again and again, is that all my efforts to make it happen, shows itself as empty and without power. What I see is that my willingness to keep going, even amidst the perceived daily failure, life keeps showing up in magical ways. However even in this magic, I laugh, because it offers no security in tomorrow. It just offers yet another opportunity to share what I love.

Tomorrow? Still a mystery. This moment? An opportunity to appreciate the miracle that already is.

In this… The blooming continues.
Cheers, to the beauty
We already are.