Live And Love


If your strength comes with tearing others down, what you have is not strength, what you have is an imaginary sense of self importance.

We build this up as a way to protect the heart, but what we are really doing is hiding behind our fear.
Anytime we blame another person in the way of them not being enough, is actually a dependence on them for our own emotional well-being. This blindfold over the heart, leads us to into a place of complete fantasy as we cling to our imagined stories that justify our blame.

So much so, that the mind creates a false past that gives validity to our heartbreak and blame. The mind creates a reality so dense and real, it becomes unimaginable that our blame isn’t justified. This energy will create a circle around you of others who support your cause, which only adds to the delusion. This circle of influence, will be made up others who also (unknowingly) carry a sense of blame and victimhood.

If you know someone in this space, the only remedy is love. A love that cares not if they tear you down. A love that lets go, and allows them to process in whatever way they need to. For these times are the fire of self discovery. To learn that no one is our problem, that no one is limiting our experience, that no one is making us feel a certain way. Only in this space, can we truly discover the reality of Love.

Life will tear down our illusions, our false hopes, our fantasies of completion with another, and it is only natural for some to kick and scream as this process unfolds.

Love them anyways <3