Life Is Suppose To Be As It Is


There is nothing in life
that demands a sense of seriousness.
Even death, is a laughable matter.
Your determination is hilarious,
because you think there is actually
somewhere to get to, other than, here.

Your seriousness in Life
is a reflection that sees
an imaginary point system
that determines the worth
of a separate self.
Show me the wave
who wants to be the ocean
and I’ll show you
an unnecessary agitation.

All stress, worry, frustration
is this effort to be something
you already are.

There is no such thing
as a meaning to life
that exists beyond the reality
of this magical moment.
So you look to find nothing.
You chase to chase nothing.
You look to change that
which does not need changed.

Your sadness is a play.
Your heartache…. a dance.
None of which has a meaning
that says you’re doing it wrong.
For emotion is simply a tide,
that swings with your dance of clinging.

The more you hang on to positive
The more affected you are by negative.
A simple play of this cosmic swing,
as a drama unfolds between light & dark.
A contrast you see, wrapped around
a game of hide and seek as you pretend
to not know that light is dark
and dark is the light. Without one,
the other could not be.

If you Love Light, without Love for Dark
then you become hell bent on fixing
the dark, not realizing that the dark
creates what you Love.
Which only leaves a space to
Love the dark with equality.

Yes, there is nothing to fix.
The dark is suppose to be the dark,
so that light can be the light.
The contrast between the two,
is there so that experience
can be experience.

Without the play
there simply would be no Life.
Without the play
there simply would be no You.

So to get rid of the dark
is to get rid of Life.
Thus your efforts to rid life of life
is to effort in such a way
that gets rid of You.
Enter… anxiety.

Why not just dance where you are,
and let the dramatic contrast bloom
without worry?
For it is the contrast that
allows for you to dance.

So silly are you to wait.
As if someday,
there will be no darkness.
Life is suppose to be as it is.