Let The Miracle Be

I see so many people, and one human experience. No matter where I go in this world, what I see in others, is the same challenge I see within myself.

It’s as if we are one breath exhaled in an array of different colors. One soul, traveling a billion different paths; and what we are all faced with remains the same, a unique journey of self remembrance.

Not more than, and not less than, but equal to. Not higher, nor lower, but a family with collective experience that contributes to the discovery of truth. Everyone teaching each other, everyone discovering their inner power.

At this cafe, I see a mother and daughter, learning to let go of each other, so they might see they are the same. I see a cashier and a customer, presented with the opportunity to share smiles again and again. I watch two lovers, lost in each other, for them everything else disappears while she gazes deeply within him.pair-539476_1280

A constant unfolding, remembered in 10,000 different ways. Who am I to say how it should unfold, when much more I simply enjoy watching the divine play. I see its perfection, that it’s not suppose to be this or that. I see its reflection, that reminds me that I only see myself, regardless of what I look at.

In this, I let go, letting the miracle be what it already is. Resting here, in what is already complete, a beauty that leaves me speechless.