Let Life Make Love to You – A Tigmonk Classic…


To Live Joyfully,

Requires an Intimacy.
A Dance that depends
On a Willingness
to rest in Now, Completely.

Intimacy, Wholeness of Beauty.
Seen in every Breath
With no judgment
Toward the inadequacy.

To surrender All doubt, and Fall
Within the arms of Everything.
to give over the fear
That somehow…
You’re not Worthy
to be here.

Life is making Love to You
and yet you push away.
Saying right now you aren’t ready
As if who You are, isn’t okay.

Life is a Lover on constant standby.
Waiting for you to Love what you are.
Wanting to Please you to the point
of Joyful Ecstasy.
However, you refuse to undress,
and stand naked,
with your Open Heart.

Life doesn’t &$!%ing Care
about the ugly you think is you.
Life isn’t comparing to some other
or the invisible distant few.

Don’t you see,
you only judge yourself?
All the things you don’t like
Life wants to Kiss them
Inside and Out.

Stretch marks and all
Emotional scars and walls.
You are so, so Beautiful to Life!
Wake up to this,
Put an end to the silly withdrawal.

Fall into the Joy, and pleasure
of making sweet innocent Love
to the All of All.
Give up, Surrender;
Live Life fully,
While you Dance your ass off.