Keeping On The Relationship Theme…


I find the biggest challenge in the human experience comes with our intent for relationships. If we enter into it with a movement that’s looking for love, we will always be disappointed. However, if we enter in with an intent to share love, we will find abundant opportunities to fulfill this desire.

For myself, this is what I find to be the most fun. Loving in such a where the divinity that’s seen in the self is seen in the eyes of your partner, your beloved, or your friend. Naturally, the challenges that arise are simply opportunities to deepen that sight.

If we have the intention of taking something, ultimately what we find is that this person doesn’t have what it is we are trying to take. Relationships aren’t for taking, they are for sharing, discovering, and celebrating the truth that rests beyond the imagined conflict.

In this, devotion to another, is an internal resolve to see the truth above any conditioned response that wants to see only fear. It is a steadfast decision that holds the truth as most sacred. What better way to dive deep, then in the world of relationship; for this is where all that is untrue get’s forced to the surface.