It’s Impossible For Others To Judge You

judge you

It’s impossible for others to judge you.

If we investigate our own experience as it relates to judging others, what we find is that our judgments are a reflection of how we see ourselves. It is a reflection that says, “this is how I limit my experience.”

When we judge others, we don’t really judge them, we simply share details about the world we’ve created within ourselves. A world of separation where it is possible for the self to be seen as less than whole. We can also see that when we fall into this frame of judgment, we ourselves feel less than whole. So in essence, our judgments of others is an expression of a self crying out for Love.

This is what happens when it seems like others judge you. They aren’t really speaking about the realness of you, they are simply reinforcing their perceived limitation.

*If* others judge you and it bothers you, then it can only be an indication that the judgment is something you believe to be true in some way. Even if that belief is a fear that it could possibly be true. In this, the judgment of others is a ~gift~ that invites you to notice the conflict you have with yourself and to allow for healing.

If one is without self judgment, then the judgments of others have nowhere to stick. It is like the one who shares their heart freely, with total confidence and trust in life, they simply care not if another likes or dislikes their expression. For they are not expressing with an intent to be accepted.

If we do, move with an intent to loved in the next moment, then the space we move from has with it a declaration that says “in this moment, I am not fully loved.” This is moving from separation, which can only push away the support of the universe.

Judging or arguing with life, is like saying… “I’d like to hold onto my separate self and maintain a world of limitation.”

Silly humans, oh how adorable we are in our belief that the self is somehow separate from life. Let this self fade away like a cloud in the sky, and see that you are the radiant sky that allows for all things to come and go. It’s just Impossible For Others To Judge You