Nine Day Italy Retreat – Freedom to Be… You

The Freedom to Be... You

Only a total of 16 Spots Available

Rest your heart, mind & body in the hills of Lazio Italy, and immerse yourself in this transformative nine day retreat experience.  Hosted by Tiger Singleton (Tigmonk) and David Hofstede at the Noci Querceto Holiday Farm.  The invitation is to discover a deeper clarity of being human -within the context of a spiritual journey, and to unmask a sincere freedom that offers full permission for you to be you.     

Room Rates Start at $1,200 USD

Includes Amazing Food, Lodging, Satsang, Yoga, and Nature.

Satsang | Meditation | Yoga | Music |Dance | Nature Walks | Food | Wine | Play

The Gift of This Opportunity is to Immerse Yourself in Your Own Beauty

Through daily teachings, body movement, music and dance, this retreat opportunity will truly be a gift for not only your most sincere self, but all those you come in contact with after you leave the retreat and return home.  This experience promises to ground you into a deeper freedom, while providing you with a practical and heart based understanding of just how supported you are by the whole of life.  

Previous Retreat Attendee Testimonial
Satsang with Tiger is a rare opportunity to open and surrender into the sincerity of our ever present true nature. Through the grace of satsang I opened into receiving and embodying divine love, love that is beyond ideas of personal identity, love that is always and all ways present. Satsang feels like the ultimate homecoming where I can rest in the divinity of all things.
~ ~Libby Kinsela - Australia

The Noci Querceto Rooms

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David Hofstede

For past 10 years David has offered Yoga and Ayurveda relaxation Retreats in Italy.  He has provided a profound space for people to release stress, recover from burn-out, and to relax into their true nature.  His intention and focus is to facilitate activities for people to use their creative powers more consciously, while opening the heart and offering a deeper acceptance to whatever is showing up in the present moment.  

Tiger Singleton

Tiger Singleton is a Satsang Facilitator, who shares practical insight and wisdom that speaks to one’s true nature and their inherent connection with all that is.  Offering up the opportunity to lay down the self imposed limitations that make living life a problem to be solved, so that one can live life with a deep joy that knows all is incredibly well; and then naturally move in the direction of your heart’s deepest resonance.  

David Hofstede Testimonials

"Lightness, thoroughness, Care, Movement, Happiness and Joy are a few words to describe this retreat experience... Lightness because of the way the program was guided, with so much space for people's processes and developments.
Thoroughness, for the way the program was built and carried out. Care because I felt so cared for and truly seen. Every detail of the retreat presented the group with so much care. Movement with beautiful yoga and the walks in such beautiful nature.
Happiness. It was nice to feel that joy and serenity. So much space for humor and laughing about ourselves and seeing the relativity of everything. It all felt so safe, there was space for seriousness and joy, both in its own authenticity.
Joy as the conclusion of all. I enjoyed it so much and could hold the energy at home for such a long time. I will return next year."

 Marjolein L’Otye

"How blessed I feel to experience the heartfelt inspirational touch of David. It is not work but coming from the soul, these are the people who make the difference. As a guest you don’t feel a guest anymore but part of the whole... Everything fits and make sense."

Yvonne van Raamsdonk

What a breathtaking experience. With wonderful massages, meals and the loving skillful guidance of yoga, meditation and personal clear insights and deep relaxation. They made the week full of humor. I can advise this retreat to anyone who wants to take a real pause in life and give space to Self-reflection.

Leonie Blom