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The Gift of This Opportunity is to Immerse Yourself in Your Own Beauty

Frequently Asked Questions?

If you have questions not answered here, there is a contact box at the bottom of the page.

Refunds & Cancelations?:  Because of the limited availability of this retreat, we offer full refunds up to 10 Days after purchase, and no later than April 1st 2017.  After that, general refunds are not allowed.  After we sell out, there may be a waiting list, if so, we can offer your ticket to someone on that list.  If they purchase your ticket, we can offer you a 75% refund, minus 25% restocking fee.  

Optional Activities?:  All events and activities are optional, and in no way do you 'have to' participate.  We encourage you to follow your natural flow, and if you feel like just hanging out and doing your own thing, that's perfectly fine.  

Problems with Payment?:  In the small chance you have difficulty making payment online through this page, please CONTACT US HERE, and we will have another way for you to secure your spot.  Sometimes when trying to handle payment from so many different countries, it doesn't go through, no worries! We got you covered.  

What If I'm New?:  This retreat is specifically designed for people from all walks of life.  One of the great advantages of this opportunity is that you don't need to be skilled or educated in any area.  The focus is on your naturalness of being human, and this is something we can all relate with.  

What’s Included?

Included in the price is lodging, food, & daily activities. What is not included, are any transport costs to and from the retreat center.

Early Bird Rates End April 1st, 2017

The prices listed below are the early bird prices, with the regular prices noted to the left.  Please note, we cannot save any rooms, and they are available on a first come first serve basis. 

After you make your selection, be sure to select the "Register Now" Button toward the bottom of the page. From there, you'll be taken to another page to enter your debit or credit card information. We are use an secure SSL certificate on this site, so you can be sure that your information is secure. Also, your information is only shared with the banking systems and not our staff.

If you have any questions or concerns, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page.









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Program Information

Program starts:Thursday 04th of May at 3 PM
Program ends:  Thursday 11th of May at 5 PM 
Meals are included from: Diner on 4th of May and Breakfast 12th of May
General outline and rhythm of the retreat program. 
07.30 AM Morning yoga & meditation with David Hofstede
09.00 AMBreakfast 
10.30 AMMorning Satsang by Tiger Singleton
13.00 PMLunch
14.30 PM Time to relax, book sessions & treatments
18.00 PMDiner
19.30 PMEvening program e.g. singing, dancing, movie
Afternoon: time for relax or have 1on1 sessions & treatments
• 1 on 1 Session with Tiger Singleton  1 hour € 85
• 1 on 1 Mentoring Session with David Hofstede  1 hour € 85,-  
• Massage Gabriella Long 90 minutes € 60, 
Nature walk: Sunday 7th of May included in the retreat. 

leaving 8 AM return at 13 PM. Satsang in the afternoon. 
Our nature walk guides us to Prati di Cottanello. Prati means a flat area on top of a mountain. On this Prati animals owned by farmers, live in natural habitats. We will be surrounded by horses, cows, pigs, sheep and other animals. 
A truly harmonious place where we will emerge ourselves into the energy and vibes of nature. During the walk, yoga, meditation and mantras can become part of the experience. 
Optional trips: Tuesday 9th of May 
This day will be open for optional trips. Individual or with “part of” the group. The Minibus will be used for the Frances trip to either Assisi or trip to the Rieti Valley.
• Rome ( 30 miles 1 hour by train )  
• Assisi ( 84 miles 2 hours by minibus) 
• Rieti Valley (25 miles1 hour) to sanctuaries of St Francis) 
• Other historical places in Sabina hills (by private car) 
A trip to Rome
A day trip to Rome is easily done by trainto Tiburtina station and from there a Metro into center.  
We can provide you a tickets suitable for all public transport to, in Rome and backhome. 
The rich history of Rome does not need to be pointed out. 
This trip is private and will cost about € 20,- for travel tickets
St. Francis trip: to Assisi or Francis Sanctuaries in Rieti Valley with David  
A day trip to Assisi is possible by minibus for 9 people and maybe an additional minibus or car when more people want to join. 
We visit, Santa Maria Degli Angeli, San Damiano and Francis Basilica.  
The evening prior we will watch the movie Brother Sun and Sister moon to learn more about the history of Francis of Assisi. 
This trip is only with a group of min 6 and will costs € 40,- pp.  
St. Francis trip: to Assisi or Francis Sanctuaries in Rieti Valley with David  
A day trip to the Rieti valley a well-known Francis. The Rieti valley was known to be like a second home for Francis and his brothers. 
Poggio Bustone, Fonte Colombo, La Foresta and Greccio are part of a pilgrim route Camino di Franceso.  
We will visit the sanctuary of Greccio and La Foresta and walk a tiny part of the Camino di Francesco to emerge in the beauty of this valley. 
This trip is only with a group of min 6 and will costs € 25,- pp.  

Trip Sabine area: explore the area and meet the people of Sabina.  

The amazing views and rich history of Sabine area, with olive groves, and small midievel villages crowning the hills. Gives us the opportunity to drive and visit many beautiful midievel villages like Collevecchio, Casperia Tarano with everywhere amazing panoramas. We will meet up with locals and whomever speaks Italian. They love it when you do.  
We can visit abbeys and monasteries like Abbazia di Farfa and Santuario di Vescovio as especially pointed to be worth a visit. 
This 4 hour trip can be done with a group of min 3 people by private car or whenever the minibus is available with 8 people. costs € 15,- pp.

Traveling to Noci Querto

Arriving a day prior to the retreat… or stay one day after?
It is possible to arrive a day prior to the retreat for a relaxed program starts on 4th of May and/ or stay an extra night on the 12th of May to enjoy the afterward. The costs for this extra stay are € 40,- a night pp and are payed directly to the owner on arrival. Either cash or via card payments. 
Book your flight to 1 of  2 airports of Rome
Rome Fiumicino (Leonardo da Vinci airport) or  Rome Ciampino (smallairport)
Below you find options to travel to the Retreat center. Please note: we offer a group taxi service, check the times before booking your flight!  
Travel to Borgo Noci Querceto:
1. Taxi-service commercial is about € 160,00 one way. (1-3 p)
2. Group taxi service: our service, 1 way € 40,- return € 80,- pp
Group collecting with minibus from airports. 
3rd of May 20 PM Fiumicino  /  21 PM Ciampino
4th of May 11 AM Fiumicino /  12 Noon Ciampino
12th of May we adjust 2 drives to cover all your flights
3. By public transport
From Rome Fiumicino Airport a direct train available - see below: 
o Take train destination Orte  ( Price indication ticket € 11,- )
o Your arrival station Stimigliano (8 miles from retreat Centre)
o From Stimigliano station we offer a taxi service to retreat center € 9,- Please call David Hofstede +31 6 33 143 144
From Rome Ciampino Airport NO direct train available - see below:
o Take a shuttle bus to Rome Termini ( about € 10,-) 
o Take Metro from Termini to Tiburtina station ( about € 1,-)
o Take train with destination Orte (about € 9,-)
o See above from arrival station Stimigliano


Meals & Drinks

The meals are served with vegetarian and non-vegetarian typical Italian dishes. It will be served in buffet and includes drinks as water, black/ herbal thee, coffee, wine. With breakfast also milk, soya drinks. 
Every apartment contains a kitchenette with facilities to make coffee, & thee during your stay, also practical for preparing meals in the days prior and after the retreat. 
We offer a service for shopping in the area for a little fee (gasoline) to drive you to nearby supermarkets with the minibus. 
Allergies and diet requirements
Please let us know if you have any food allergies or diet requirements, so the chef can prepare alternatives for you during your stay. 



Room Type

Sofa Bed, Shared Bathroom
bring a friend & share your bed

Single Bed, Shared Bathroom

Twin Bed, Shared Bathroom
bring a friend & share your bed

Private Room & Bathroom

If you would like to join us for this retreat or have any questions, please fill out this form and let us know which room you would prefer. We will get back to you within 24 hours. Thanks so much! We look forward to hearing from you.


$1,300 USD
extra $900

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$1,400 USD
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