Are you insecure? Welcome then, I’d like to introduce you to the great teacher in your life.

The feeling of Insecurity is the result of believing a thought that attempts to compare the self with others. This is the great delusion, and of course, this is why it hurts so much, because it is so far from the Truth of what You are.

Confused? Good. Let’s clarify.

Insecurity, is the feeling that what you are is deficient, unworthy, or somehow unacceptable. With this insecurity, also comes the belief that if you could somehow change what you are, then you would become fully acceptable or worthy.

Do you see this playing out in your life? Can you also see that this dilemma of feeling/suffering is created and sustained in the mind? Meaning, the battle that hurts so much, isn’t in reality, but rather it is a broken record of thought that continually runs circles in the mind.


“I am not smart enough, and if I was smarter, then my Life would be better.”
“I am too over weight, and if I was skinnier, then I could experience more Love.”
“I am not very good at being good, and if I was, then more people would accept me.”
“I am too much of this and not enough of that, if I was, I could then be at Peace.”

We cannot deny this experience of inadequacy, these feelings and fears that seem to threaten our well-being. Why the pain? Why does this hurt so much inside?

Because… it is out of alignment with the Truth of Reality. The ‘pain’ or ‘suffering’ that is experienced, is an alarm from your soul, and not a signal of condemnation; which you have been conditioned to believe.

If you stub your toe, it hurts. Why? Because Life is set up in such way that it does what it can to alert you to a situation that needs your attention. The pain in your toe says…

“Hey, you’ve just broken the skin on your toe and are at risk of an infection. Please pay attention to where the pain is and take the necessary steps to address the issue, so that you might continue on in wellness.”
The internal pain/suffering we experience, is the same kind of notification system for your soul. It is saying…

“Hey, something about how you are seeing reality is not in alignment with the Truth of reality, something about how you see your Self and Others, is not true, and if you continue to believe it, it will create more dis-ease within your experience.”

The challenge, is that as a collective species we have been conditioned to run away from pain, from fear, rather than see it as our friend.

Imagine how silly it would be to feel pain in your toe, and then run away as if somehow that would solve the pain. No, it doesn’t. It only makes the pain worse as the real issue goes unaddressed and becomes more problematic.

Our suffering is trying to tell us something, it is on our side as it tries to communicate with the soul.

However… because we run from it, afraid that it makes us even more unworthy, we never see the lesson that is trying to show us the most beautiful of things.

What is it trying to show you?

Ultimately… that you are perfect the way you are. And that it is a great error in perception to try and compare yourself to other people. Also, it is a great error to believe that what you are, can be defined by labels such as ‘smart, dumb, lazy, successful, etc.’

How so? Well, if you want to be smart, you have to compare yourself to someone you think is dumb. So you internally call others dumb, because you want to be smart. Smart cannot exist without dumb. For smart needs dumb, in order to survive.

So in Truth, you are not smart, and you are not dumb, you simply are as you are. If you were to see that it is an impossibility to be this label, you might give up the silly quest to be smarter than him/her, and just rest as whole in this moment, realizing that your worth can never be defined by labels which carry no meaning whatsoever.

Everyone is good at playing the piano, compared to the one who has no arms. Everyone is fat, compared to the anorexic.

Everyone is short, compared to…

You get the point. There will always be the potential to compare yourself to something that makes you look good or bad, but in Truth, you are neither good nor bad. For good needs bad, and bad needs good.

You cannot have one without the other.

Your insecurity is a reminder that we are all equal. What you are insecure about, is not really a problem, but a fear that says you are not equal. In the world of comparisons, you will never be equal. If you compare yourself, or attempt to find a better version of yourself in the future, you will always suffer; because you are looking for yourself where the self are not.

In this moment, you are completely whole. Completely Loveable. However you don’t experience it, if you chase some better version of yourself that exists in an imaginary tomorrow.

Embrace what you are; embrace the ugly, the sad, the joyful, and the confused. You are the fullness of this moment, rest here.