There is a dance happening
between the All and Not
There is a romance unfolding
within what I remember
and what I forgot.

There is a play in session
a movement of good and bad
There is a harmony of emotion
an innocence within
the happy and the sad.

As we watch the blooming
Life gives birth to each beginning
Shall we condemn the end
or hold steady through
each passing season?

Shall we get up and leave
all because we argue
with the falling of each leaf
Should the dance end
all because we fight
the same lessons again?

Why this rush
this hurry to be done
What is this War
this violence on Self
as if something must be won?
What can be achieved
if distance is only an illusion

What can you become
if what you are now
is still with confusion?
Music would not be
if not for this and that tree.

The forest could not live
without the sting
of a honey bee.
Shall we kill them all,
this that we fear
shall we take away life
so that this that I am
can avoid its tears?

Can I cut off my left foot
so that my right will be prized
can I sever my emotion
So that I can hide,
hide, and hide?

But of course
the dance stops
Life no longer Life
It is I who says no
all because I want
the sunshine and
not the snow.

in everything.
All is the dance
all is a part of me.
For if it was not for
both sides of this life
I simply, could not be.