Inner Reunion














Can you feel the Life

that desires to be freed from within?
Can you sense its presence,
like a reunited friend?

Has it yet brought tears to your eyes?
Does it hurt,
to think about saying your goodbyes?

Have you remembered this special place,
this space within your heart?
How it calls your name, it whispers,
but sounds like a yell from afar?

How can you return,
to the Love it desires to share?
It is like asking yourself,
“How do I find me while staring into a mirror?”

Maybe we’ve just ignored who it is we truly are?
Why have I convinced myself,
that my dream lives on a distant star?

You are the expression that desires to be fulfilled.
You are the hope,
the answer,
the question mark in the field.

It is simply a choice,
for your own choosing.
Follow your heart,
then life won’t be so confusing.