Inadequacy. It can be said to be, the underlying dilemma of the human condition. An idea that somehow, what you are is not enough.

I see it in myself, and I see it in the eyes of most everyone I come in contact with.

And yet, it is just that; an idea. The core of it, is simply a thought, believed to be true. For myself, the way out, is the way in. It is to look sincerely at this movement that feels obligated to pledge it’s allegiance to thoughts, ideas, and beliefs.

When I look sincerely, what I see… Is that the weight of this idea, only exists when I think about it; when I choose to focus on it or continue to feed it. At the point I drop it, when I drop all thought, this self disappears. All that is left, all I see in the space is a gratitude for the presence of being.

This is my home. This is the only thing that is real. All else seems to be a fleeting thought that only lives if I give it attention.

Thought itself, is inadequate. Thought itself, is unreal. If you identify yourself with thought, you will always be inadequate.

My invitation is, to see what you really are, before the mind convinces you that you’re an incomplete something you’re not.

What are you really?