In The Light Of Spiritual Absurdities

Wake Up To These Spiritual Absurdities

In the light of spiritual absurdities. has the ‘Spiritual’ become a concept of self righteousness; an image of being something that only appears to be free?

Yet, internally, a self that feels inadequate among 7 billion others. Or worse yet, a self that feels inflated and looks down on those who do not carry an image of your spiritual tone. Are we hiding behind our yoga apparel, or masking our pain with mantras and positive affirmations? This isn’t said as a critique, but said as an invitation for sincerity. Hiding, has become one of the spiritual absurdities. Finding a new facade that we can temporarily clothes ourselves in so as to avoid the naked emptiness we fear so much.

This path, is the same path as every other form of running away from the present moment. Chasing money in the business world, only to find it’s not what you truly want; chasing spiritual absurdities, only to find the image can never quench the thirst that keeps arising. This of course, is the point of all paths that seek anything. It is to discover the path goes nowhere. The spiritual practice, is a game devised to exhaust the person who tries so hard to get there.

The point of meditating for hours on end with an intent to control the mind, is to discover you can’t control the mind. Even though the person who tries, truly believes they’re getting somewhere and thinks they’ve found the answer. However, the answer being discovered, is not the practice. The answer, is the stillness of what already is; seeing deeply that this moment, is what you want, regardless of how the mind imagines the moment to be.

The answer, that which is actually spiritual, is what you already are. The naked emptiness, is the absence of who you think you are; the one who tries so desperately. If this person who is seen to be separate from life, truly believes there is something to attain in the future that is not already here, then yes, give them a spiritual practice. Let this person exhaust themselves through chasing the acquisition of images. Pray and pray and pray and pray, for what you are, until one day, you collapse in recognizing it’s not what you want.

Search every corner, look under every rock, and try on every fashion of clothing. Still, you will discover spiritual absurdities that here you are in the present moment of now avoiding the naked emptiness. The spiritual is not what you become, the truth is not acquired, and freedom is not the opportunity avoid the fearful. Spirit, is.

The paradox, is that we walk a ten thousand miles in search of two feet that are firmly planted in truth. Rest. If you desire it, then see that rest is already here. Love, if you desire it, see that you are the only one who can allow it. Freedom, if you desire it, then let go of the image of how you think it should be -and be. The absurdity, is that you are not spirit already; before you dress, before speak, and before go looking for it. You’re already home.