Iceland – Thank You!


Oh my Goodness.  I had so much fun sharing my heart with you in Iceland.  Lots of people have been asking about the possibility of getting All the recordings of the Satsang Sessions.  Typically, what I do is to reserve the event recordings for Patreon Supporters (people who pledge monthly financial support from $5), however, this time I'm totally willing to extend to you as a gift, the audio recording from the first full Satsang in Iceland.   It was edited down a little bit to keep it at about an hour long.

Please fill out the form below, and I'll send you the audio recording that you will be able to download in mp3 format.

Also... BONUS if you're into it and you enjoyed the poetry I was sharing, I'll send you a free 7 day email course entitled... "My Poetic Life."   It's an opportunity to recognize the inherent and obvious symphony of our lives, ...that is unfolding in the direction of our heart's most sincere resonance.

Also, YES, you can share this page with your Icelandic Friends.  But Please, only share this will people who live in Iceland, as it's a specific free gift, just for those who live in your beautiful country.  


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