I Love You So Much Regardless Of How You Show Up In This World

I Love You So Much

I Love You So Much Regardless Of How You Show Up In This World

In an honest and unoffensive way… I love you so much…I love this experience of loving the social ugliness of others. What I mean is, as a society we tend to celebrate the ‘pretty,’ while ignoring the plain-jane in us all that is often deemed as ugly or unattractive.

What I find for myself, is a tendency to love only in myself what what others celebrate as sexy, attractive, or profound. However what I also see, within myself is this plain-jane quality that isn’t special in anyway. In fact, it can be quite socially ugly and repulsive.

For example… I use to be almost 300 lbs, and after losing over 100 lbs, my body type doesn’t exactly resemble the socially projected ‘hotness’ that some might project onto my experience after seeing a version of me that only has cloths on.

Also, there is the projection that somehow I must be above this or that based on the limited interaction we have with each other. It’s easy to watch my short videos and come to a conclusion about what my life is or is not; and I can promise you that whatever image you create, it’s way off from the reality of my life.

You see, I am so much more like you than you can imagine. In this, I see others that are deemed, unattractive, unconscious, or even repulsive, and what I see in this… is myself. I see the truth of my own being that is also these things and not just the one side that is often celebrated. In my love for the plain-jane quality in others, I see a permission to love these qualities within myself.

I invite you to notice in your own life where you withhold your light because something doesn’t match a certain image of acceptability or prettiness.

Does a lamp withhold its lights out of judgment, or does it extend light regardless of who enters its presence?

I love you so much. This is my ever expanding lesson, to ignore the judgments of the mind that desires to withhold love to avoid the ugly, and Love anyone. Of course, always pointing back to the opportunity to love what I am, regardless of the judgments produced by the mind.

It’s like learning to love myself completely as I am, without the make up or mask that others might project onto me.

I Love You So Much! <3
Regardless of how you show up in this world.