I Know You Know It


Where is this compassion?
Come on… I know you know it.
Where is your Love that silently understands?
The voice that accepts a moment.

Is it for the young One
who sits broken with no mother?
Or how about the older One,
No dignity left to surrender?

How about the innocent,
persecuted for ignorance?
Is there a close someone,
who you know does not deserve this?

Has your heart ever hurt
Because Love felt locked away?
Dying to get out,
So Light could make a way?

Have you ever forgiven;
Forgotten, completely?
Have you ever fallen,
Then risen again humbly?

Where is this compassion?
Come on… I know you know it.
When a child innocently cries,
Do you not soften your heart
and remember your own sad times?

When a loved one unexpectedly dies,
Do you not forget the resentment,
and embrace their Loving side?
Your laying down of judgment,
Your confession of the unknown.

This is the eternal pathway,
To awaken to a divine throne.
When you master the important art
of having compassion for others,
Then my Love turn it inward,
and have compassion for the you that suffers.

If you can forgive the greatest sinner,
But yet cannot forgive your own mind,
I would suggest that you start over again,
Because forgiving self is the greatest gift to find.