Humility, is to give all praise and thanks to the source of life.
It is not, to keep yourself small and distant from the divinity within you.

Humility, is to step into what you really are. It is to rightfully claim the goodness of love, joy, and peace already within you. To be humble, is to know you did nothing to deserve it, nothing that makes you better than anyone else, because you know everyone is already deserving of love just for being what they authentically are.

Humility is more of an internal acknowledgment, rather than an external act. One can put on an act or facade of humility, but one cannot fake humility within. We will find out if we are with genuine humility by how we interpret criticism, or process the insult and judgments of others.

My Process for… the process.
I focus on seeing clearly the following…

Firstly… No one either likes me or dislikes me, what they like or dislike is the mental image of a someone they’ve created in their mind. If someone really enjoys my book and wants to tell me all about it, I know that it is not really about me as a person, but rather about their enthusiasm for discovering something within themselves. Likewise, if someone hates my book and wants to tell me something negative about it, I know they are just speaking their perspective and it’s not personal.

*Secondly… every breath I breathe, is not by my independent doing; rather it is the wholeness of life that allows for me to be here. Which includes every human being I come into contact with. Therefore, my gifts and talents are not my own. If I cannot take credit for my own breath, I cannot take credit for these words being written right now. All of the fruit that perceivable extends from the branch of me, is actually a creation that’s manifested by the entire universe. I do nothing; I simply watch the goodness unfold.

Thirdly… I do not withhold the light that desires to shine through, even if that light wants to shine in areas of my life that others would judge as dark. Humility allows me to rest in the truth of my lovable nature, rather than cowering down in fear of the judgments tossed around by others. I allow for Joy & Love to be a priority since their energy feels the best and contributes most to the garden around me. I allow myself to Play in this life, even when it can seem at times I should be afraid. I allow myself to Love others, who maybe some people see as inappropriate and unlovable.

Cheers! <3
Now humble yourself, and step into the fullness of You.