Your ability to be honest, without holding to a state of victimhood, allows for an openness that lets in a tremendous light. Equally, your ability to receive others people’s honesty, allows for the same illumination.

There is a great liberation in allowing yourself to be open in this way, to release the tightly held assumption that you know what is best. It is the giving over of ego, the surrendering of a separate self, and opening up to a deeper possibility to serves the whole; which is what you truly are.

The pain we feel that come with honesty, is simply the release of illusion. It’s not the honesty that hurts, it’s our perspective toward the honesty that brings pain. The conditioned response wants to take it personally, which is the perspective that creates suffering.

The honesty itself, is saying… “you are more than just a person who’s separate from Life, you are Life itself.”