Following Your Heart

What I've Learned...

the path of standing on your own authority in complete love.

  • NO One Knows Me, for I Can Only Know MySelf

    • If I tell you my story, what you hear, is an internal interpretation based on your life experience.  You literally don't hear my truth, you hear your own.  
  • Sincerity, is in the Heart. ...Seriousness, is a Fearful Mind.

    • Sincerity is about what is real and true, right now. It's the end of pretending, and the beginning of truly feeling alive. Seriousness, is about a fearful future that holds my worth hostage, which kills me in this moment.
  • I Am Worthy, Before I Even Question if I'm Worthy.

    • Worthiness has been perverted by a fearful society, and we've been conditioned to question that which doesn't even need to be questioned. If I'm breathing, then I'm worthy. If I'm here, then it's already done.
  • The Universe, is 100% in Support of My Heart.

    • Simply put, it is why I am here; to follow my heart. What I am not here to do, is hide behind fear and sacrifice my joy because other people are afraid to follow theirs. I am here, to be alive. I'm not here, to wait to die.
  • Everything, is a Reflection that helps me Grow

    • Life is already set up to help guide me, and whatever is held in the heart or feared in the mind, will get reflected in some way into my physical experience. Therefore, if I desire to grow, I must take 100% responsibility for my experience.
  • The Mind is a Tool, it is Not The Answer

    • It's common for us to ask the mind what we should do, however anytime you ask the mind about 'you' - it doesn't address the real You, it speaks to the fearful image of a future you that's afraid of losing something that's not real.

The Great Adventure

The Point, is not to have it work out the way you think it should work out.  The point, is to open up within yourself a willingness to dive into the mystery, and allow life to take you on a journey of Self Discovery, Self Expression, and Cosmic Play.  

The great adventure, is the great unknown.  It is set up this way on purpose.  If you knew how it was going to unfold, it wouldn't be beautiful, it wouldn't be fulfilling.  The question is, are you willing?  Are you willing to let go and move forward in the direction of your heart's most sincere calling? 

The stage has been set, the playground created, now it is simply up to you to say YES.  Sooner or later, (maybe you already do) you will see that following your heart is the only option that makes sense.  It is the only path that truly honors the miracle you already are.  

The Path...

1. Self Inquiry | 2. Self Embodiment | 3. Cosmic Play

The cycle of life, is that it serves to expose the truth.  The truth, is what is real about you.  As we touch what is real about the self, we see the limitation fall away.  This limitation, is all the fearful reasons as to why you cannot fully and freely express that which is sincere within you.   As you see more and more clearly, that the self only limits the self, you can allow yourself to find a renewed stregnth in the truth of you, that leads towards a freedom to play in this life, rather than feeling like a prisoner of this life.  

Get Clear

Get clear, about what you are, and what sincerely desires to be expressed through the miracle you are. Evaluate where you are, be incredibly honest, transparent, and excited that you're finally willing to look at yourself clearly.  This willingness to not hide, is the access point to receiving worlds of wisdom that will guide you on your jouney.

See It as Possible

Notice how the reasons or excuses you've used to not follow your heart, are exaggerated, and are really subtle ways the mind tries to avoid what you're afraid of.  Notice also, that what you are afraid of, is actually the invitation to see beyond what you are afraid of.  This is how limitation falls away, by walking through the fire so you can see experientially that the fire of fear cannot burn you. 

Feel Your Heart

Get in tune with the frequency of your heart, through visualizing the completion of all that is desired.  This has nothing to do with getting what you want tomorrow, rather it is about recognizing that you have the capacity to feel complete in this moment.  You are worthy, whole, and loved.  This is the frequency that draws desired experience to you, through recognizing you are already that, you are already home.  

Devote Yourself, to Life

Let the most important thing be, the truth of Life.  Which can also be stated as, the truth of what you are and the sincerity that moves through you. The more you do this, the more you will see how it is that Life is perfectly designed to support you; and within what you are, is everything you need.  In your devotion, also recognize that if you're going to enjoy this life, it will only happen if you allow yourself to enjoy life.  No one, and nothing else outside of you can make that happen.  It's up to you. 

7 Common Obstacles

1.  Waiting for life to match your expectations

Whether it be money, resources, or support from others.  The idea that you have to get your life in order before you do what you love, is a huge trap that only keeps you paralyzed.  The point is not to wait until you can, the point is... to do what you can, with what you have, here you are.  Just do something. 

2.  Wanting to protect others from their emotions

This is huge.  We often don't follow our heart because we feel it will negatively effect the emotional experience of other people.  As if, you being you, was a great inconvinience to the world.  The best lesson for everyone, is for everyone to be themselves.  It teaches us to not hold on to others, and to discover a stregnth within.  It's what we all really want anyone.  

3.  Avoiding how you sincerely feel

Your emotions are a guidance system, that show you the limitation being created within what you are.  If you avoid the sincerity of you, then you by default avoid the lessons that attempt to guide you. 

4.  Fear of others' opinion of you 

If you are afraid of what others think about you, then you're doing it for the wrong reason.  This is a great reminder, and a key to access support from the universe.  Allow your purpose to be pure of heart, and you simply won't care what others think. 

5.  Fear you won't follow through

The point is not to get somewhere in the future, the point is to move foward so you can learn.  Letting go of future outcome is a requirement for the one who desires to joyfully follow their heart. 

6.  Judgment of inner desires 

There is nothing that moves through you, that is not valuable.  We typically judge desires as a way of escaping the need to look at them.  Being honest with yourself, allows you to look, and see what it is your desires are pointing to.

7.  Letting go of false security 

Security in the future, is an illusion that will never happen.  It's simply impossible.  Once you see that Life is here to support you, you'll notice life is here to support your future as well, so there isn't anything to worry about.  

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