Healing The World


My heart goes out to the criminal, the one who finds himself at the mercy of a judgmental world.

My heart hurts for the violent one, the man who harms others because he feels trapped in a world that does not love him.

My heart feels for the thief, the man who steals because he seeks to fill a void from within; hoping to one day love himself fully.

I have no judgment for the persecuted, no desire to cast ill will. I have only Love, a love that might spill out into their world.

What I see is innocence. A confusion in our quest to find a love that seems lost.

What is not seen by the world, is this innocence. What is not seen is that our judgment of the criminal only creates more criminals.

We judge so harshly because we judge ourselves so often.

If you saw your own innocence, you could never judge another person again. It would be impossible.

Find the Love within, and then let this Love flow out into what you see before you.

This is Healing the World.