Hawaii Prices & Registration

Do Not BOOK YET - We are Going through some potential changes, and will update you via email here soon.

Update: 10 Night Retreat.

Prices include 3 meals per day, lodging for 10 nights (13th-23rd of December),
transportation to and from the Hilo Airport via shuttle, Daily Teaching & Activities.

Hale Lodges

Pronounced Ha'-lay, Hawaiian for "house" – are two-level Lodges that house contain rooms on each floor with access to common areas on both levels. The Hale Lodges are located on the central lawn near the dining lanai, and feature garden views. Hale Lodge rooms approximate 200 square feet and can accommodate up to three guests. Some rooms have private baths, and our most economically priced rooms have shared baths.


225 square foot rooms with high, slanted ceilings and tall screened windows that lend these inviting dwellings a cozy and free environment. Each Bungalow room can accommodate up to two guests; each room contains one queen bed and one twin bed, private bath, mini fridge and overlook pastoral or jungle vistas.

Tree House Rooms

Nestled under the cool shade of a large Monkeypod Tree, and are designed to invite nature indoors. Large screened walls give an outside-in sensation, endowing these rooms with tropical breezes, filtered light and spectacular views. There are five Tree House rooms of approximately 500 square feet that can accommodate one to three persons, featuring private bath, mini fridge, and pastoral vistas. (not an actual treehouse)


Private, free-standing structures of approximately 400 square feet that feature wood and renewable bamboo construction and a covered, outdoor lanai. All Cottages have unique artistic touches. Some are nestled in tropical foliage, while others look out over open fields. Cottages have capacity for up to three persons, and feature a private bath and mini fridge.

Standard Prices

No Lodging - Only Access w/Food - $900
Hale Rooms
Shared Room & Bath - $1,290
Shared Room & Bath - $2,100 (for 2)
Private Room & Shared Bath - $1,515
Private Room & Shared Bath - $2,370 (for 2)
Private Room & Bath $1,575
Private Room & Bath $2,570 (for 2)
Upgraded Rooms
Tree House / Single $1,775
Tree House / Double $2,900 (for 2)
Tree House / Triple $3,975 (for 3)
Bungalow / Single $1,675
Bungalow / Double $2,750 (for 2)
Private Cottage / Single $2,150
Private Cottage / Double $3,500 (for 2)
Private Cottage / Triple $4,575 (for 3)


  • Please tell us anything about you that might be helpful for us, to make your experience more accommodating. i.e. Disabilities, Fears, Concerns, etc.
  • Overall Early Bird Price Range: $999 to $2,150 for Five Nights with Lodging, Food, Education, & Activities. Includes transportation to and from the Hilo Airport.

  • Anybody else you're bringing with You
  • The School of Blooming has an Awesome Opportunity to offer Child Care and Children Activities, that will allow you as a parent to focus on Retreat Education and Activities. Aged 5 to 12. Includes Food, Shared Bedroom with You (Private Room Only), and their own playful activities partly provided by The Hawaii Institute of Wellness & The School of Blooming.
  • Please let us know any relevant information about your child/ren. Names/Ages/Allergies/Disabilities.
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