Gratitude Rises


Gratitude rises.
Horizons on the move
but going nowhere.
Life shifts and remains still.

A Knowing
there is nothing to fear.
What can be lost
if I am out to gain nothing?
I sit completely whole
awaiting the breath
that moves everything.

Personal agenda
has been replaced
with silent gratitude.
I dance for no reason.

Applause, a distant vibration
that now sounds foreign.
What is this season
that remains unchanged?

This part of me that needs nothing,
each moment, all the same.
Never was I lost,
Only looking in all the wrong places.

Trying to find Love in the most
unreal of imaginations.
Gratitude rises,
and humbly I see.

It was never about you
being better than me.
So I let go
of the comparison
that wants to prove
my own validation.

Ending the quest
of wanting to be more
I discover a wellness,
a silent Love that was here
before I was born.