Genuine Leadership


Tonight I spoke for an hour with industry leaders at the European Leadership Platform in Amsterdam. After the talk, we socialized during an amazing group dinner, and dialogued about love and joy in the business world.

Quite sincerely, I was nervous about this one. I mean, sitting before executives and business professional while discussing how truth, love, and surrender intertwine with leadership? Lol. Who me? Tigmonkey. Lmao. However… It was one of the most profound teaching moments of me journey.

Naturally, in Tigmonk style I had no plan. Totally empty and open to see what life would do.

As I sat there, in a chair with my shoes off, with rows of men and woman in front of me dressed in suites and business attire, I laughed inside. I thought playfully… “This is either going to be a disaster, or, a fantastic opportunity for everyone involved; including myself.”

I saw something very clearly, Genuine Leadership, happens naturally when stand on our own authority in complete love. It happens beyond effort when we, give up the egoic agenda and serve the collective opportunity for joyful expansion. So, I spoke on this. And… It was Amazing.

I’m blown away how spirit moved my words to speak to their experience in the workplace. How what I said, was perfect for their real-world situations. It didn’t have to be spiritual; it could be real. It could be human.

I am so inspired by this. To keep being available to share with groups of all forms. To allow life to move through me and offer insight into the miracle we are already breathing in every moment.

Love you ❤️
And thank you for helping this to be, what it is.