Friend…You Are The Beauty You Long For


You are the beauty you long for. As I press my hand against my heart, my deepest prayer is that you see yourself as you are.

I know -I know, sometimes the sight of this seems distant or forgotten. Hold fast though, with a slow breath; your time is here. You are not alone in this.

Stay close to the teachings that resonate, let their words disappear into your heart and become the song that vibrates within. Come alive, on the inside.

Feel, do not rush.
Rest, do not pace.
Be, do not run away.

Know, that somewhere it is already known. Know, that what you are is not over there; what you are… is right here. Already home.

Stay here. Stay here.

Trust. Even though the mind screams with the fearful. Trust.
Everything is going to be okay. Even in death, you will see that all has always been well, and there was never a need to run away from what you are.

You are Loved. You, are Loved!
Because… You, are Love.

With a slight bow and my hands rested together. I honor you so much; so sincerely.

Cheers, to the Beauty You Already Are.