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  • The Depth of Your Own Beauty

  • The Truth of You
    • "There is a monumental and profound difference between who you are thought to be in the mind, and what you really are in the present moment of now.  Every ounce of suffering we experience is directly linked to a confusion of identity.  To see yourself clearly, is to see life’s most beautiful creation."
      • Question:  Are You Willing to Let Go of False Ideas About Yourself?
  • The Human Dilemma 
    • "The idea that something is wrong with you, is what keeps you at a distance from seeing the miracle you already are.  In recognizing your perfection, you return home to this moment, and connect to what is real about you."
      • Question:  Can You See That in “THIS MOMENT” there is no Problem? 
  • The Way Out
    • “When the question, what is True? becomes more important than, what do I want? -you can’t help but discover the miracle of You.  This is devotion, to have the Truth, be the most important thing.”  
      • Question:  What is more important, getting what you want, or seeing what is real?  


  • The Reflection of What You Are

  • The One Relationship
    • "Life is an inside-out process; meaning, how you see yourself, determines what you experience in the manifest world.  If you heal the relationship between Self & Self, you automatically heal your relationships with everyone and everything in the external world."
      • Question: Would you rather fix all your relationships, or Love yourself completely?  
  • The Expansion of You
    • "You automatically expand into your true nature, when you begin to take total responsibility for your internal experience.  You expand through responsibility, because you are no longer giving your power away."
      • Question:  Do you see how emotional blaming, gives your emotional power away?
  •         The Opportunity
    • “As you see that life is reflecting how you see yourself, you can begin to consciously see yourself in a way that is more in alignment with the truth of your nature.  By default, your outer life will reflect the beauty you see within."
      • Question:  Can you see how if you recognize the miracle you are, everything you experience becomes a miracle?  


  • Emotional Intelligence & Guidance

  • Attention is Creation
    • “Whatever you put your attention on grows, because of this, it is very wise to get in tune with the perception behind your emotions, to ensure you’re focusing on what you prefer to create."
      • Question: Can you see how problems become bigger in your mind, when you fear them?  
  • The Perfect Guidance System
    • “Your emotions never respond to external life circumstances, they always respond to how you perceive your life circumstance (from the inside out).  The more in alignment your perception is with the truth of you, the more enjoyable the internal response.  The further away the perception points from the truth of you, the more painful the internal response."
      • Question: Are you willing to deeply question your beliefs that create painful emotional experiences?  
  • Following Your Heart 
    • “The value in following your heart, is you get to access Love & Joy by focusing on that which resonates most sincerely with the authentic you.  Doing this, means you are holding a vibration that’s connected with the entire universe.  This of course is how you tap into cosmic support, by doing what you love and what feels true.”  
      • Question:  If you had unlimited resources and support, how would you express the miracle you are?  


  • Permission to Be in Joy 

  • Your Natural State of Being
    • “Your most natural state of being, is to be with Joy.  This is easy to see when you let go of every ounce of conflict that wants to resist what is showing.  Behind all of the imagined problems, that don’t really exists in this moment, is a Self that’s connected to Joy.”  
      • Question: Can you see that all your ‘problems’ point back to a self you see as broken?  
  • Joyful Allowing
    • “If we are to allow for Joy to be seen and embodied, we must let go of all future outcome.  Meaning, we must not rely on the future to bring wholeness, love, or peace, rather we must discover these quality as inherent aspects of our true nature in this moment.”  
      • Question: Is this a pattern in your life, to cling to the future with hopes it will bring Joy?  
  • Permission to Be You
    • "The ultimate discovery in life, will be the recognition that the universe fully supports the authenticity of You.  In this, when you finally allow yourself to relax into what you already are, you will notice a natural flow that moves towards your Heart’s most sincere desire."  
      • Question: Does it makes sense that the Real You, is the most natural You?  


  •   The Purpose of You
    • Your Heart’s Desire
      • "Your most authentic desire, will have nothing to do with adding stories about yourself, i.e. being more or less of some label; that’s ego.  Your Heart’s desire will always be about recognizing your true nature, and expressing the miracle you are more freely.”  
        • Question:  Do you want to be better than someone else, or do you simply want permission to fully be yourSelf?
  • Automatic Service 
    • “Life is already set up to heal, grow, and serve.  Your responsibility is to simply be yourself and follow your heart.  In doing this, you automatically serve others through sharing the natural love you already are.  The greatest gift you can give, is simply to be yourself."
      • Question: Does it make sense that life is set up to heal, if we don’t fight against it?  
  • You’re Already Home
    • "My Friend, you are already a miracle, and Life is already supporting you.  The invitation is for you to move forward knowing this.  To step out in faith and do that which resonates, inspires, and feeds your heart, mind, and soul.  The universe is your playground, now go play."
      • Question: Would you like to keep playing together, you and I?  

6 Week Course


9 Hours of Video, 42 Pages of PDF Course Material,
Complete Audio Download Version with
Additional Bonus Meditation Downloads,
and LifeWork Assignments.

Week 1: Intro to Conscious Life Design

Get clear about the nature of your connection with all that is, and begin allowing for the dropping away of the unconscious limitation that ties you to lack, scarcity, and fear.

Week 2: Allow the Fulfillment of Desire

Understand the profound difference between egocentric wanting, and divinely inspired desire. Here you will get in touch with what it is you truly desire to experience in this life.

Week 3: Emotional Guidance & Intelligence

We are already setup with everything we need, all guidance and intelligence is already contained within what we are. This week we will uncover the ways we can tap into this, and feel confidence in our connection with All that is.

Week 4: Effortless Life... Get Out of the Way

The way of effortless living, is to let life move on your behalf while you simply allow yourself to enjoy the present moment at hand. This permission has already been given, and this week will make that abundantly clear.

Week 5: Deep Connection in All Relationships

All Relationships are a reflection of the One Relationship you have with you most sincere self. If we desire deeply profound connections with others, we must be willing to connect deeply with the sincerity of our own being.

Week 6: Trusting in the Miracle You Already Are

TRUST. This is what blooms the truth within your entire being. This is what allows the insight and wisdom to move from your mind and into your Heart, and allow for the embodiment of the miracle you already are.

Only $50 per Week!
Total of $300 USD

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