For Men…In The Light Of Aggression Towards Women


With regard to expressed aggression towards women.

When we find within a movement that tends to be unkind to women, there is a silent opportunity for us to investigate a deep pain that has been ignored for some time.

aggression towards women and treating others poorly, is an expression of fear. It is a sign that we have become insecure in who we are, and we falsely attempt to regain confidence and strength through dominating (physical/verbally) another person.

Our excuses that attempt to justify our actions, are usually associated with external pressures and stresses that come with trying to uphold an image that reflects a strong male presence. However, society’s idea of a strong/confident male, is really a reflection of a male who represses their deepest sincerity; which only creates an internal battle between being what you are, and being what society thinks you should be.

My heart goes out to you, because I know this pain of repressed sincerity, it has been one of my greatest teachers.

If we desire to move beyond this behavior or expression, my encouragement to you is simply to discover a space within yourself that is willing to be honest about how you feel. What I mean by this is… to be willing to see beyond blaming. A blame that says other people or circumstances are responsible for your internal insecurity.

In my own experience, there has been tremendous freedom in being able to tell a woman… “You know, I feel insecure right now, a little afraid. Please understand, that my frustration really has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with what I’m dealing with internally.”

If we find ourselves unwilling to be honest in this way, then we only hide from the truth of what we are… which is a human being who feels and grows, just like everyone else.

The aggression towards women that gives rise to any unpleasant behavior, is this repression of how we truly feel; and for many, it has been a fear based social conditioning that wants a man to pretend to be a man, rather than simply being a human being. The more we allow ourselves to open up and be honest with ourselves and others, the more freedom we will experience internally. The more free we are internally, the more we can live with a deeper Love for woman, for ourselves, and ultimately everyone else.

In this space of emotional freedom, Life takes on a new dynamic, a new relationship; and the connection you long for will actually be fulfilled, rather than constantly chased with misguided fear.

Stop aggression towards women. Do not fear.

You are already beautiful, man.