“For Me And My Experience…”


When I think about how I dropped out of high school, I laugh so hard on the inside.

“For me and my experience…”

I remember everyone and their mom (and mine) telling me how my future was in horrific jeopardy if I didn’t finish school. So much impending doom awaiting all those who didn’t fit the mold of being socially responsible and doing whatever one else did. Quite frankly, all the talk of finding a good “job” with benefits and being a good employee made me want to vomit. I didn’t see anyone around me who had that and was authentically joyful about what they were doing.

Somehow though, deep within myself (and for myself) I knew this shit wasn’t relevant for my life experience. I knew that life was more than securing a future that was… So so, while being dependent on someone else to give me a paycheck.

Today, I see people who have jobs, and -some- are sincerely enjoying the experience. That path works for them. Kudos.

However, for those rebels like me who know they don’t fit that mold, and only try to -so as to appease others, check yo-self before you wreck yo-self!

Within what you are, the miracle you are, is the only guidance you need to make decisions about your life. Move toward Joy, move toward opportunities that sing to your heart. The entire universe is on your side if you’re willing to not compromise the authenticity of what you truly desire to experience in this life.

Pow! You are already awesome. Now run with that shit!