Follow Your Heart


There is much confusion about the concept of Selfishness.

It can be perceived from both perspectives of positive and negative.

The positive is to love yourself enough to follow what resonates deeply for your life experience, regardless of the fearful projections of others who feel they need you to be a certain way in order for them to be happy.

The negative is to want others to be different, so you don’t have to see what you’re afraid of. In this context, it’s selfish to want someone else to not follow their heart because it makes you uncomfortable.

Following your Heart is not negatively Selfish, it’s what makes you come alive. If you are alive in your Heart, then you automatically become of service to the world around you.

It is not of service to sacrifice your own joy, so someone else can hide behind their insecurity.

This is of course is their journey to learn to trust life as their source of joy and wellbeing, rather than trusting in that which is external.

If you follow your heart, you will be called selfish. Now you can joyfully agree -that your internal wellbeing is the most important ‘being’ in your world.

Be Well in your own Heart, and this will heal all of life.