Follow The Flow Joy


Just as water takes the path of least resistance, You are invited to do the same by following the path of Joy. This will be, For many. The most difficult aspect of Conscious Life Design because it challenges many identified stories and beliefs that proclaim, “Life must be a struggle” or “Making a living is difficult.” The good news is, we are no longer look to rely on effort or striving; we are looking to rely on the Miracle we already are.

The embodiment of this happens over time as we step out in faith and follow our heart. What we follow, is Joy. We follow the deepest resonance of what most aligns with the sincerity of what we are. This is the easiest path, after we move through the initial resistance and fear, and see that there was really nothing to be afraid of. It’s the easiest path, because it’s the most joyful path.

This doesn’t need to be some great mystery; it can be as simple as washing your car, expressing love to another, or starting a book project. Life doesn’t really care, The point is to move in a way that is unrestricted, and do what it is you authentically desire to do, within the current construct of your reality.

There will always be options that resonate with Joy, even if those options resemble the emotional breakdown that is drowned in tears. We’ve all had those experiences where when we finally give in to how we authentically feel, we breakdown and cry. Doesn’t it feel incredibly good, to just let go and release any false idea of needing to only be strong. Even in this space, there can be Joy.

**Excerpt from: Effortless Life, Get Out of the Way – week 4 of 6 – Conscious Life Design**