FOCUS, On The Real World


It’s common for people to suggest that I point others to ignore the realities of our world. That I insist that bad things aren’t happening, and one should turn away from that which seems unpleasant.

To them I say, “I love you, and you’re simply not hearing me.”

The invitation extended, is to question the world in which you think you live. To question where you put your attention, and ask yourself sincerely, do I really know if that is true?

What is true, is what is real. What is real, can only exist within your energetic field of awareness; right now. Past and future, are prejudice memories looking to hold onto a story about a separate someone who cannot be found in this moment. Opinions, beliefs, ideals, and labels, are interpretations based on one’s experience and conditioning; they are a perception that tends to only be looking at a sliver of the whole.

Are these mental projections true, or real? They are real as a mental experience, but not the truth of the whole picture. They are not the truth, of the Real World.

What is the Real World?

The real, is that which is experienced in the present moment reality. In reality, one’s experience is a mirrored image of where one is focusing attention.

In this moment, as I sit in this chair, my reality is to observe myself sharing joyful insight through the use of a computer. This is what is true, this is what is real. My focus is on expressing what I love. This is my world.

Just as easily, I could be sitting in this chair, imaging every kind of problem; that isn’t really physically happening within my energetic field of awareness. What would be happening though, is in my imagination of these things, I pull the experience from the mind into my physicality.

As I ponder a great deficiency, a great inadequacy somewhere out there, I begin to feel this restriction within my present moment being. A tightness arises, a tension fueled by fear grabs my heart and begins killing any sense of joy that might have been present.

Is this the real world? To imagine that which is not before you, and allow the fear of such things to paralyze and extinguish a love for being alive, in this moment? These things we imagine that are going horribly wrong, do we really know that it’s true? Or has someone simply injected you with a fearful perspective that ignores the whole picture?

Of course, I can’t say for you. However, I can speak from my own experience of spending years caught in other people’s dramas; while completely ignoring my present moment capacity to share love.

Infinite Worlds of Worry

The mind is as such, that it divides infinitely. To find one problem, means you’ve found 10,000 problems. For each problem can become 7 more problems if one is willing to search for them.

The problem of Winter, turns into the argument of being cold. The argument of being cold, turns into the problem of not being inside. The problem of being inside, turns into the drama of feeling alone. The problem of feeling alone, is the belief you are alone. The problem of believing you are alone, is the sliver of perspective that sees yourself as not enough. This problem, is every problem.

Do you see this? One can look at his thoughts about his home, and find infinite problems. One can look at his thoughts about his community, and find infinite arguments. One can look at his mentally created world, and find infinite reasons to be without joy.

All of which, can only arise, if one believes and searches for the thoughts that say, “he” is not enough.

Is that Real? Is that true? Are you so much not enough, that you cannot gather all your pieces in this moment, and allow them to flow in a way that is loving, that is kind, that is sincere?

What is the Real World?

Is it happening now, or is the realness where you think the world should be? I can tell you this, wherever you think it is that you’re going, in search of resolving these infinite problems, is the same destination for when you resolve the problem you have with you. When you see that you are whole, that you are not separate from the present moment reality, you will have what you always wanted. You will have, everything you could possibly desire.

What is this everything? Well, in everything you think you want, what you really want is to feel loved. What you really want, is to feel whole, to feel connected, complete; to know… that All Is Well.

This is the real world. This is what is true; and what you want most, is what you already are.

Be this, and let Love flow.